Westinghouse WH7000E Portable Generator Review

Westinghouse WH7000E Gas Powered Portable Generator – Cheap, Reliable And Efficient

Westinghouse WH7000E Portable Generator is highly powerful, reliable and efficient, and keeps the electricity flowing irrespective of circumstances. Can you think of life without electricity? Unquestionably, it’s literally impossible; you need electricity flowing through your house as much as you need blood flowing through your veins.

There are cases such as remodeling of your house where you are required to shut off the power, thus, switching off your refrigerator, and other electronic appliances. But, the times have changed. Keep your lights on and your home warm with new Westinghouse WH7000E, which includes a convenient one-touch electric start. The generator is also squashed enough to take it to the jobsite or any other remote location.

Keep the Motor Running With Westinghouse WH7000E
Certified by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the WH7000E portable generator is capable of delivering 7000 watts of running power and 8500 watts of starting output, making it an ideal generator for running high power consuming items. The system is powered by a 420cc XP series engine that can handle heavy duty domestic machines with an ease.

This Westinghouse generator is accompanied by numerous alluring features such as compression release and a comfortable recoil handle for easy startup, an overhead valve to enhance durability and performance, and an easily accessible air filter element to ensure quick servicing.

This contractor-proven 420cc powerful engine is also designed to last, with transistorized ignition, cylindrical sleeves manufactured out of cast-iron, and forged pistons couple with connecting rods.

Best Alternator
The Westinghouse WH7000E portable generator’s alternator is very proficient with high efficiency and low-loss laminations. It is capable of producing high electrical outputs with least fuel consumption.

In order to provide the best heat resistance, it comes along with an additional powerful and reliable alternator vanish. Moreover, cast-iron fan guards are installed in order to ensure a safer and smoother operation.

Westinghouse WH7000E 8500 Watt 420cc Gas Powered Portable Generator

As described before, the generator is designed to handle stiff tasks without a pause, and the addition of this high-performance alternator again amplifies its efficiency.

The Westinghouse portable generator also comes along with an automatic voltage regulation to aid generator in accommodating high demanding applications, and a repair-free brush excitation to eliminate down time.

A Durable Control Panel
All portable generators should be able to handle harsh conditions. And for the same reason, Westinghouse WH7000E portable generator is furnished with a fully enclosed steel control panel to hold up against rubble and nasty climatic conditions.

A two-part primer with a powder coat finish is appended on the panel to make it corrosive resistant. Its other notable features include a 240 volt toggle mainline circuit breaker to ensure safety, two more pushbutton 120 volt circuit breakers to safeguard against overcurrent, and an electric start.

Easy To Operate
The Westinghouse WH7000E 8,500 Watt 420cc Gas Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start can be handled and operated by anyone. Its 194 pound comparably-low weight allows you to easily transport it.

To enhance the user’s experience, a user-friendly, color-coded touch point interface is included in the system, along with never-flat tires and dual folding handles. Irrespective of the terrain type, it can be easily rolled to any job site. As a user, you will also appreciate its reliable and maintenance-free 12 Ahr battery.


Westinghouse WH7000E Portable Generator Reviews

Marjority of the online reviewers are completely satisfied with this 8500 watt gas powered generator. One of the customers even tried to operate his 220V well pump and it worked like a piece of cake.

Westinghouse WH7000E Portable Generator

More than anything else, price matters a lot, and WH7000E is right on target with this. It is also one of the reasons why most users think that it is worth loosening up their wallets for. Another reason for their satisfaction is its 27.2 x 20.5 x 22 inches volume and 194 pound low-weight that allows them to transport it easily.

While there are hardly any negatives associated with the WH7000E generator, few customers think an addition of watt meter would have been great. Indeed as discussed above, it produces enough power to handle heavy applications, but, considering its previous versions one would expect a bit more from it.

It might be big for you if you’re buying a generator to run low power consuming domestic appliances. In such a case, you can save a bit on cash by going for a lower version.

The Final Word
With minimum cons to look at, Westinghouse WH7000E gas powered generator proves to be worth its price tag. It generates more than enough power to run lights, fans, two refrigerators, a big freezer and other electrical appliances simultaneously.

You can check out more customer reviews about this Westinghouse WH7000E Portable Generator at Amazon.com here.

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